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Founder's Welcome

I started the Footsteps Nursery Group in Leytonstone in February 2010 and I have been dedicated to the childcare sector ever since. Footsteps Chingford followed in 2015 and Footsteps Walthamstow in 2017 and as the nursery group has grown, we have developed our systems, procedures and staff team to ensure the same high standard of care is delivered across all three settings. Before starting Footsteps I worked as a Director for Sunshine and Sunbeams Day Nurseries in Leytonstone and a construction manager working on Building Schools For the future projects in London. This gave me the knowledge and experience required to ensure that the first thing we get right is the environment to deliver a high standard of care. Soon after I joined the childcare sector I trained as a nursery nurse to ensure that the most important aspect of our organisation, the care we deliver every day is done to a high standard, in accordance with the regulations, by knowledgeable, well-motivated and professionally led staff. My most important role within the organisation is ensuring that the managers have the resources and guidance that they need to run the nurseries effectively and that every staff member in the team delivers the care and education that the nursery children deserve. I have 6 children of my own and looking after them and dealing with the challenges that parenthood brings has had a big impact on the nursery culture where we do genuinely try and put our children and families first.

Chris Sheen

Footsteps Day Nursery Director 

Providing Excellent Childcare in East London

Our Nursery Managers

Hannah McCarthy

Manager @ Walthamstow

Hannah has worked in childcare for 16 years during which time she has completed her Level 4 Higher Diploma in Childcare and a whole host of other qualifications to become the Nursery Groups most senior SENDCO and Safeguarding Officer. Before joining Footsteps Hannah worked at Sunshine and Sunbeams Day Nurseries which she joined as a trainee in 2006 working her way up to become Pre-school room leader and SENDCO. Hannah joined the Footsteps Group as a Deputy Manager in 2014 and was quickly promoted to manager, opening Footsteps Chingford and Footsteps Walthamstow in this role. As well as working as a nursery manager, Hannah has worked supporting the nursery practice at all 3 settings and is now Senior Manager with direct responsibility for Footsteps Leytonstone as well as being the manager of Footsteps Walthamstow and is the SENDCO and Safeguarding lead for all 3 nurseries. Hannah is also a mum with a teenager son who attended Sunshine Day Nursery where Hannah worked from the age of 9 months until he left for primary school.

Alex Moldovanu

Manager @ Chingford

Alex trained as an Early Years teacher in Romania and started working in a school there in 2008. Alex came to London in 2014 when he joined the Footsteps team where he spent 2 years getting used to living and working in England before becoming a manager in 2016. Alex was the manager at Footsteps Leytonstone until June 2019 when he moved to Footsteps Chingford to enjoy a new challenge at a slightly larger nursery. Alex is fluent in 4 languages and he is in the 3rd year of a degree in business and management which he enjoys putting into practice running the nursery.

Caroline Greene

Manager @ Leytonstone

Caroline joined Footsteps Nurseries in October 2020 and she spent 3 months training at Footsteps Walthamstow and Footsteps Leytonstone before taking over as manager from the 4th January 2021. Caroline has a Level 3 qualification in childcare and a Level 5 qualification in Leadership and Management and a Level 3 in Early Years SENCO. She has 20 years’ experience in the childcare sector. Caroline is a pro-active, hands-on manager with a passion for children’s learning who enjoys showing the staff how they can constantly strive to deliver the highest possible standard of care. Caroline has a 5-year-old daughter attended Footsteps Leytonstone.

We prioritize staffing excellence, selecting highly qualified educators and managers.