We recently carried out a survey across all three Footsteps Nurseries

Image with 4.8 stars in reviews

The overall picture looks good and we are happy with the outcome

The overall satisfaction score was 4.8 out of 5 with most parents being highly satisfied with our services. 

The comments we received were passed on to our rooms where everyone was very happy to receive the overwhelming validation coming from our parents

Our families are engaged

166 families took part in our survey showing a high level of engagement from our Footsteps community and we would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who took part.

To those who didn’t, we always welcome your feedback so please email your nursery if you would like to give us some input or praise a specific member of staff. 

What are our parents saying?


I feel that the nursery clearly understand the needs of our daughter and do a fantastic job with the care and support they continue to provide. We maintain an active dialogue through portal which is great tool for us to monitor activities and also upload pictures/videos ourselves. Our daughter loves going to nursery and this is largely testament to the people who look after her. 

We are very impressed with the care our daughter receives at nursery. We can clearly see how invested her Carer’s are in her personal development and the strong bond that they have with her. We always feel supported by the nursery and find that updates / observations are shared promptly. Our daughter loves going into nursery!   

I am very happy with the quality of care my child receives from the Nursery. It genuinely feels like a family where all staff members play a role in her care and even those who are not her direct care givers, know who she is and play a part in making her feel at home. 

Really love the fact that all the carers interact with all parents and children so feels like a little community and not just isolated to your class. Appreciate the effort that is put into the events that are held quite regularly. 


The quality of provision at Footsteps is excellent. The communication and collaboration between parents and staff is very good indeed. I have rated the quality 5 as there is clarity about the activities, these are varied and appropriate and much effort clearly goes into these. It is obvious on drop off and collection how happy our child is at the setting. The progress they are making is clear. I greatly appreciate the framework ratings and how these are referenced and the explanation of what will be worked on next with our child and what can support this at home. 

We are so impressed by the care our son receives and quality of learning opportunities at Footsteps. The team is wonderful and so helpful and caring. Communication is excellent. We love that our son enjoys a real range of activities and has developed great friendships, which are nurtured by the Footsteps team. We could not recommend Footsteps more highly and are so grateful to the staff. 

The nursery are always very helpful to me and my family. They will take time to listen to any requests we make about health, food, sleeping habits, interests and the staff always strive to make each day happy for our child. Their hard work is much appreciated by our family. 

We are beyond happy with the staff care , development/education , communication and facilities at Footsteps, always so reassuring to know our little one is in safe hands 


Footsteps is an outstanding nursery and we always feel so lucky that we found you! Both our daughters have loved going to Footsteps and in particular the incredible staff who always go the extra mile to develop warm and engaging relationships with the children, getting to know their personalities and bringing joy every day. I love how professional and courteous everyone at Footsteps is, the regular communication, the transparency about decisions and the drive for excellence. All of the activities Footsteps organises are brilliant and purposeful, there’s never a sense of just going through the motions and play and learning opportunities are as one with the curriculum being followed but not in a didactic way. Bravo to everyone (and a shout out for the fabulous kitchen staff who do amazing food!) 

We LOVE the nursery. The staff are amazing.. endlessly enthusiastic and warm and friendly. We feel like our two have been stretched, and they definitely feel at home. Management go out of their way to help with flexible extra days where they can. We couldn’t be happier with Footsteps. 

We are beyond grateful for the safe and welcoming environment that the whole Footsteps team make for her and all the other children in their care. 

The staff are honestly amazing and we are so happy in the knowledge that our children are so well looked after! The range of activities they do is fantastic and I love that they learn about important celebrations in all different cultures 

I am forever appreciative of the care you show my child: it feels like she is being taken care of by family members. It’s lovely. The transformation in her speech and topics of discussion in the last year has been amazing and I have you to thank for the activities you choose to engage them in. Thank you. 

I always feel confident that my child is being not only looked after, but treated with kindness and in a fun, engaging environment and that means the absolute world to us so thank you! 

I am forever appreciative of the care you show my child: it feels like she is being taken care of by family members. It’s lovely. The transformation in her speech and topics of discussion in the last year has been amazing and I have you to thank for the activities you choose to engage them in. Thank you. 

I really appreciate how kind and friendly staff are with our children. I think the activities and celebration the staff do with the children are well thought out. I am very happy with the nursery. 

Our next steps

You talked, we listened

1) Communication

Overall our parents are happy with the communication that they receive from the nursery especially in relation to information about their child’s day, current interests and areas to support. We recognise that some parents have requested more regular updates on events and specific topics their child’s room will be taking part in. 

2)  Interaction

The majority of parents have expressed a preference for the drop-off and pick up system that is currently in place where they can meet other families in the queue outside. We understand that some parents would also like some opportunities throughout the year to come inside to see their children’s learning environment and how settled they are within it as well as having formal opportunities to discuss their child’s development. 

We will ensure that as well as termly reports and invitations for a discussion, the communication through Famly and daily discussions at the front door, there are some events arranged throughout the year where families are invited into the nursery.

3) Observations and Learning

Most parents are pleased with the range of activities that their children undertake at nursery, but some would like to see more pictures of their children’s day, especially when they are playing with their friends and for pictures and observations to be published more quickly. Some parents also expressed that they would like to see increased emphasis on school readiness, phonics and mathematics.

We are continuing with the rollout of the functionality on Famly and this does allow us to publish more photos and observations more quickly and the benefit of this will start to be enjoyed over the next couple of months. This will also allow us to share individual observations, group posts and photos on the feed platform and for parents to ask key workers specific questions and log holiday and absences whilst on the move.

To enhance our provision we have introduced a weekly phonics session, delivered by a teacher that visits the nurseries. The staff will build on this and deliver sessions focussing on the same sounds throughout the week to ensure that all our older children benefit. We will also ensure that we communicate more of the core learning and school readiness activities that already take place across the settings. 

4) Other areas of focus

As well as the specific areas we have outlined we are also developing other areas of our nursery sites and our nursery practice.

We continually carry out refurbishment and decoration work throughout the nurseries and all 3 nurseries will be updating some of their garden equipment this spring.

We have issued ID cards and installed new video entry systems in Chingford and Walthamstow with the installation at Leytonstone taking place in the next few weeks.

End of day sheet information will be moving on to Famly by the end of February.

Our menu is being reviewed by a nutritionist with a new, tasty, scientifically balanced menu being rolled out in the spring.

We have not yet got back to our pre-covid frequency of outings and we will be working on building this back up in the spring and summer months.

We are planning to update staff uniforms before the summer to give everyone a new, fresh look.

If there are any other areas of our work at the nursery you would like to see us develop, we are always happy to receive your feedback and suggestions.

Missed the survey?

We are always open for your suggestions or feedback.

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