Our Vision
Our Vision
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Mission statement

To nurture children, families and staff, supporting them and meeting the needs of our community in a thoughtful, considerate and professional way.

To create a sustainable nursery business that is the custodian of a group of local, family centred nurseries that are the first choice for families and staff in their area.
Our Values

People are at the heart of our organisation; our staff and families are important but the children in our care are always our number one priority. Ensuring high standards of health, safety and safeguarding are our most important responsibilities and are priorities in everything that we do. We ensure that the nurseries are always fun and happy places, filled with the joy and laughter of staff and children. We create enabling environments that allow children and staff to thrive and feel content. We allow children to be children and encourage them to immerse themselves in experiences that suit their age and stage of development, valuing process over product and experiences over goals. We support children to reach their next developmental milestones, to gain the skills that will enable them to become lifelong learners and to be school ready. We cultivate a skilled, knowledgeable and well-trained staff team, helping them to reach their personal and professional goals whilst supporting their wellbeing. We constantly strive to improve as reflective individuals and as a thoughtful organisation that communicates with, listens and responds to our community.