5 parent-child outdoor activities

Spending time outdoors is not just a way to get fresh air; it’s a foundation for lifelong health and happiness. Science backs this up, showing that outdoor activities can improve physical health, enhance mental well-being, reduce stress, and boost cognitive development. Nature, from lush parks to dense forests, offers an expansive playground that ignites imagination, encourages physical activity, and strengthens bonds between parents and children. While children certainly enjoy playing on their own, the moments shared with parents outdoors often become cherished memories, ranking high in quality time spent together.

In this light, we present five no-cost outdoor activities that promise not only to enrich your time together but also to foster a deeper connection with the natural world. Some activities might need a little preparation, but the joy and learning they bring are boundless.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Embark on an adventure right in your backyard or at a nearby park with a nature scavenger hunt. Create a checklist of natural items for your child to find, such as:


A leaf with more than two colors

A rock shaped like a heart

A bird's feather

An insect with six legs

This activity sharpens observational skills, teaches about nature, and encourages curiosity and exploration.

These are just some example, but make sure you have a longer list to avoid dissapointmnet of not finding enough things.

Build a Fort or Fairy House

With just sticks, leaves, moss, and perhaps a sprinkle of imagination, you and your child can create an enchanted fort or fairy house. Whether it’s in a secluded corner of your garden or a quiet spot in the woods, this activity:

Fosters creativity and resourcefulness

Introduces basic engineering and design principles

Encourages storytelling and imaginative play

We all know that children love taking their favourite toys out. Make the best out of this buy building the fort for their favourite toy. This activity is a great example where children learn through play. Improvising, using resources that are readily available to create something purposeful are all skills that will prove so useful in their development.

Outdoor Obstacle Course

Transform your backyard or park into a thrilling obstacle course using everyday items like ropes, tires, and boxes. This setup promotes:

Physical fitness and coordination

Problem-solving as children figure out how to navigate each obstacle

A sense of accomplishment and teamwork

The game can have a sotryline, such as saving the princess or a speed element such as seeing who can complete the obstacle course the fastest. If you are in a forest you can use rocks and trees as milestones in the course, and have special missions at every point. An exmaple:

Run to the first tree to get the magic rock

The magic rock does not allow you to walk so you have to hop on one feet to the next tree.

Another magic rock is found there that makes you small. You have to make yourself small and walk like that to the next tree.

At the next point, a new magic rock is picked up. This is the Frog Rock, which prompts you to jump back to the start.

While you might be tempted soley to direct the activity, it is important to lead by example and leave your imagination unfold on how more obstacles can be added.

Bike Rides

A family bike ride through local parks or along scenic trails offers numerous benefits, including:

Physical exercise for all ages

An opportunity to explore new areas and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings

Quality family bonding time away from screens and technology

Probably a bike ride is not a new idea for you. Parents take their kids out with the bikes all the time. Unfortunately not too many get to actually ride along. Riding along sets a strong example on enjoying outdoor activities and is a good opportunity for movement at almost every age. Caution to where and how riding is done is important.

Outdoor Yoga

Find a tranquil spot in your garden or a local park for some outdoor yoga. This activity is perfect because it:

Enhances Physical Flexibility

Improves Concentration and Focus

Boosts Self-esteem and Confidence

Promotes Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation

Encourages Healthy Habits

The possibilities for outdoor activities are endless, and these five ideas are just the beginning. Whether it’s a simple walk in the park, a game of catch, or a more structured activity like those listed above, the key is to spend quality time together, engaging with the natural world.

At Footsteps Nurseries, we place a high emphasis on outdoor activities and believe in the significant role it plays in a child’s overall well-being. We provide a wide array of activities, from refreshing water play during hot summers to a multitude of other engaging and educational outdoor games. Our staff has observed visible improvements in the children’s well-being and happiness when they spend time outside. Our outdoor spaces have been thoughtfully designed to ensure that no day spent outside is a dull one. Each corner is fashioned to stimulate creativity, exploration, and learning. Safety is our utmost priority. We’ve put great effort into ensuring our play spaces are secure, enabling children to explore fearlessly while still remaining within a safe and protected environment.

We’d love to hear from you about your favorite outdoor activities. If you have ideas or experiences you’d like to share, please email us at [email protected].

5 parent-child outdoor activities

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