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Welcome to the Footsteps Nurseries Blog, your go-to resource for insights and inspiration on a journey through parenting and child development. Our blog is dedicated to exploring a wide array of topics that matter to modern families—from the nuances of various parenting styles and innovative educative activities to the latest in child development research. We delve into local events that bring our community together and share real-life experiences from parents just like you, offering a platform for connection and exchange. Whether you’re looking for advice, creative ideas to engage your little ones, or simply a comforting read that resonates with your experiences, you’ll find it here. Moreover, we believe in the power of shared stories and wisdom. If you have insights, a story, or an experience you’d like to share with our community, we warmly invite you to email us at [email protected]. Your contribution could be the next feature on our page, helping to support and inspire other parents and caregivers within our community. Join us in creating a supportive space filled with valuable knowledge for every step of the parenting journey. 

Our nurseries in Walthamstow, Leytonstone and Chingford are our ultimate source of inspiration in writing this articles, with a strong desire to support and inspire parents within and beyond our local community in East London.

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5 parent-child outdoor activities

Spending time outdoors is not just a way to get fresh air; it’s a foundation for...

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Parenting styles: navigating the spectrum

Parenting styles are the strategies parents use in raising and educating their children. We...

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How much is too much tablet time and how to limit it?

In today’s digital age, technology is a double-edged sword. It offers a world of...